My first video post! July 2020, some dude attacked me in Target! WTF?!

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That’s So Gay is about promoting LGBTQ and Gender equality and calling out the BS for exactly what it is…BS.  I’ve worked in marketing and branding the duration of my career.  As a result, I have seen and experienced the deep-rooted impact of a false sense of normal through a heteronormative lens.

I believe that heteronormative brainwashing begins at day 1 when we are born.  Boy babies are celebrated with the color blue and girls with pink.  While this may seem subtle or a non-issue to most, I take a different position.  What does a lifetime of these subtle hints or suggestions do for someone who is simply not able to subscribe to this suggested way of “normal”.  My life experience has taught me several lessons that I feel compelled to share in hopes to start a different type of dialogue around the topic.

It’s not about a gay agenda or feminism.  I dare to say what’s normal is subjective.  Heteronormative group thinking has been established as the norm through every culture in every country.  Truth is, as it pertains to gender roles and sexual orientation, there is no normal. What’s not normal is to feel entitled and superior based on the fact that you subscribe to a very basic, simple way of thinking and living.  That’s not to say being straight is less than because it’s not.  Nor am I implying one gender is greater than another.  This topic is a trigger for many because their sense of “being normal” gives them the solid footing they need to live a productive and healthy life.  My point is that the LGBTQ community deserves the same chance to have that solid footing so that we can live a healthy and productive life as well.  I believe in equality for all and that includes our straight brothers and sisters.  Fact is that asking for equality for one community does not mean taking equality away from another.  It does however imply that there is a level of entitlement and privilege that needs to be addressed with heteronormative, group thinking.  

Being straight and having the ability to reproduce with someone of the opposite sex does not give someone a magical key of entitlement and superiority. That is a simple fact. Why do we assume that little boys will grow up to be heartbreakers of girls. What if they don’t want to break any fucking hearts?! Perhaps we teach all men to show empathy and kindness instead of prescribing heteronormative and sexist group thinking.

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