Update on the story of Former Marine Dayna Morales. The couple who allegedly left the homophobic note has come forward claiming the note was a hoax and that they actually did leave a tip (20%). They have shown their credit card statement as proof that they did actually leave a tip…

According to NBC, the owner of the restaurant and manager are insisting they have the original receipt of $93.55 without a tip but they have yet to provide this. Morales has denied the claim saying, “That’s not my handwriting,”.

We will continue to monitor the story. Let’s just hope this isn’t a scam because that would be RUDE!


Such an amazing video on gender roles. Featured on our brainwashing page. Be sure to check out this video and our the page 🙂



Very VERY excited about the new section that we just added! Check out the ‘brainwashing’ section.  We cover gender roles, media and religion! Gasp.  So many things to cover.  There are a few pages and some GREAT information. 
Check it out!!

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Choose your words

Check out the ‘choose your words’ section that was just added under ‘how you can help’.  Added some color commentary on a GAY and the F word.  We thought this was too good to just have as a post which would eventually be buried as new posts came in.

Here is what we have so far.  Please feel free so send me comments and thoughts on these or any other words that you think we should discuss. 

Choose your words

So…”that’s so gay”. Ever here someone say that? Hopefully you kicked them right in the neck.

Gay should NEVER be used as an adjective to define something negative.  Period end of story.  There are PLENTY of other words that we can all use.  Substituting “gay” for a negative word ignorant, hateful and WRONG.   For a great ‘101’ on gay, check this out.

The Other F Word

There has been a lot of news recently on the “other F word”.  The word faggot is one of those words that stings bad.  It is top 3 most hateful words we know.  It plagues rap songs and hateful conversations everywhere.

Jay-Z, one of the most talented (and smartest) rappers around said, “It’s no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination, plain and simple.”.  We agree! Very simple and direct message there.

Take the knowledge and pass it on!

Invest in gay rights! Ground breaking fund alert.


Ticker: CSLGBT Index

We can go ahead and file this under SMART.  Did you know that companies that support the LGBT community provide better returns for investors that companies who are not LGBT friendly? Call it good karma, call it common sense.  Clearly, the companies that support the LGBT community have smarter people working in them! 

Credit Suisse recently launched the LGBT Equality Index(TM).  The FIRST index to track the equity performance of companies with LGBT friendly policies.  They used the HRC Corporate Equality Index to identify the companies which include: Wells Fargo (WFCFortune 500),JP Morgan Chase (JPMFortune 500), Apple (AAPLFortune 500), Microsoft(MSFTFortune 500), Google (GOOGFortune 500) and Johnson & Johnson(JNJFortune 500).

HBO’s new gay show ‘Looking’

Looks promising! There haven’t been too many details released on the show but it is about a group of gay friends that live in San Francisco. There have been some complaints that the show doesn’t have many ethnic characters. We all know that the LGBT community is full of color and accepting of ALL so hopefully the show will follow accordingly.

JFK had a gay BFF


JFK and his best friend Lem

Today we honor John F Kennedy, former US President who was assassinated  November 22, 1963.  Most of us don’t need a history lesson here.  We are writing today to honor JFK on the 50-year anniversary of his assassination and also to shed some light on fairly unknown fact.  Did you know that JFK had a gay best friend?!

We had no idea.  Is that bad!? Kirk LeMoyne “Lem” Billings was a childhood friend who President Kennedy met when he was 15.  They met at Choate, a prep-school in Connecticut.  The two traveled Europe together as teens and remained life-long friends. 

What a lovely relationship and even more evidence that President Kennedy was truly a forward thinking man who was well ahead of his time.

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Catholic Bishop performs exorcism on gay marriage


Picture from Facebook


Same-sex marriage according to our Bishop friend.

So let’s file this under CRAZY! Bishop Thomas John Paprocki from Springfield, Illinois decided to have an exorcism in response to Illinois same-sex marriage law.  For real.  This is not a joke.

“I exorcise you, every unclean sprit, every power of darkness, every incursion of the infernal enemy, every diabolical legion, cohort and faction, in the name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ,” said the evil idiot.  Seriously shit for brains? Are you THIS stupid? Why don’t you focus on doing an exorcism on yourself? You are CLEARLY filled with hate and evil.  This just makes us SICK.  Hopefully the Catholic church will condemn his actions although we doubt that will happen given their history of ethics…

Here are some more words of wisdom…“Our prayers at this time are prompted by the fact that the governor of Illinois today is signing into Illinois law the redefinition of civil marriage, introducing not only an unprecedented novelty into our state law, but also institutionalizing an objectively sinful reality,”.  Just so we are all clear.  It is a sin for gays to get married but it is not a sin to openly discriminate and hate an entire group of people.  This is no different than the anti-Jewish rhetoric spewed in Nazi Germany.

He then went on to say this his comments “are not meant to demonize anyone, but are intended to call attention to the diabolical influences of the devil that have penetrated our culture, both in the state and in the church.”.  So the DEVIL is causing gay marriage? Hmmm…you may want to take a look in the mirror if that’s what you believe.

We think this was a sad publicity stunt by the Bishop to get some PR for the Church.  Not sure he is getting the right PR though…

Does this make you sick? Feel like giving him a piece of your mind? Please keep it classy folks. Just say what is on your mind.  We left him a message asking for a call-back 🙂

Here are some ways to contact him.  We should ALL let him know just how disgusting he is.
-Link to email him
-His website with additional information including his mailing address for a lovely post-card.
-HIs phone number: (217) 698-8500 Be sure to ask for the office of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki.  You can leave him a voice mail.
-facebook page 

Amazing advice!

Check out the amazing advice to a homophobic mom from an advice column! LOVES IT!!


Transgender Day of Remembrance



Today is the national Transgender Day of Remembrance which occurs each year on November 20’th.  We honor all our trans brother and sisters who have been killed due to transphobia.  There is a tremendous amount of hatred and fear out there regarding people that are transgendered.  

According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, transexuals are the most harassed group out of all the LGBT community.  It is truly sad how scared people are of things they don’t understand.  Unlike gay or lesbians, transgendered individuals are born the wrong gender.  Their minds actually develop similar to the opposite gender.  That is something that is really hard for “mainstream” society to understand.  

We know things can and will get better and are looking forward to it.





“Us” being defined as all the people that are on the right side of history. This includes the GLBT community and all our straight allies.



Parenting is probably the most important topic that we can write about here.  That is where the cycles typically begin for bigotry.  Remember, children are not born to hate.  We teach them.  We will continue to post about kids/family issues as they come our way.  

We have added a kids/toddlers section where there are some GREAT resources on how to address the topic of same sex relationships with kids.

Check it out!




Pink or blue?

Ever stop and wonder why girls have pink toys and boys have blue toys? Is there something behind it? From what we have learned from classes and from real life experience in marketing, it is basically marketers creating consumer segments to market to.  We did some additional digging and found a great source of information called “The Pink & Blue Project”.  The Pink & Blue Project takes a look at the commercialization of gender colors.


Image from

JeongMee Yoon started the Pink & Blue Project because of her daughters fascination with pink.  She asked the very smart question, “where does this fascination with pink come from?”.  As you read what we write here, you will notice that we will always ask the question why.  It’s a great question! Do girls naturally like pink and boys naturally like blue? Of course not.  As Yoon points out, pink used to be a color that was considered masculine.  Here is my favorite piece from her article.

In 1914, The Sunday Sentinel, an American newspaper, advised mothers to “use pink for the boy and blue for the girl, if you are a follower of convention.” The change to pink for girls and blue for boys happened in America and elsewhere only after World War II. As modern society entered twentieth century political correctness, the concept of gender equality emerged and, as a result, reversed the perspective on the colors associated with each gender as well as the superficial connections that attached to them . Today, with the effects of advertising on consumer preferences, these color customs are a worldwide standard.

LOVE when people think outside the box! You should too.  You can read more about the author and artist JeongMee Yoon here.

Think about it

Think about it

Discrimination is discrimination. Period end of story. Stop hiding behind religion.

Barbies for boys

J Crew ad with Creative Director Jenna Lyons who painted her son’s toenails pink in this ad. The ad caused some controversy because it challenged traditional gender roles.

As a kid I always wanted barbies and dolls. I never wanted to play with “boy” toys. I enjoyed Legos and some action figures but not nearly as much as a doll or Barbie.

My parents were very much against me playing with any “girl” toys so as a middle ground I was able to play with My Little Pony. But my grandmother (who lived in Israel), saw no issue with me playing with dolls. I’ll never forget the day she sent me a doll as long as I live. It was such a simple gesture and it brought me more joy than I can even express. I automatically tear up whenever I think of that amazing and brave act of kindness.

My point of sharing that story is that there is that toys shouldn’t follow gender guidelines. If a boy wants to play with a doll, it’s ok. He shouldn’t be made to feel like he is less than or weird for that. Why is pink a girls color and why is blue a boys color? Because some marketers decided that years ago. Something to think about…

AMAZING must watch video

Hands down one of the best videos this year. Well worth the 5 minutes it’ll take to watch. What an amazing speaker and such great points. WE LOVE IT! Please watch and spread the word.

Lesbian gets hate instead of a tip. Our POV on this.

So this story has been all over the web the past few days and we weren’t sure if we wanted to cover it but we had to share our thoughts on this as well.

Image from Facebook. Dayna Morales.

Image from Facebook.
Dayna Morales received a lovely “tip” from a “family in NJ.

Facebook: moralesday12
Dayna Morales was a US Marine.


Her tip because she was a lesbian.  $0 on a nearly $100 bill and this lovely message from a “family”, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life.”.  Oh, and the lovely “mom” said this to Dayna, “Oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us,”.

Obviously the concern is for the kids.  They are being raised by a delusional, bigoted bully and are being hard-wired to hate.  THAT is the obvious take-away.  My concern is this.  What if one of those kids is gay? The chance is slim here but my point is to think about how many gay kids are brought up with a similar situation.  Not only are the kids learning hate but they are learning to hate themselves.   There are hundreds of studies that will tell you that GLBT teens have a higher incidence of suicide and drug related issues.  Think about what that would do to that child’s sense of self.   Now take a step back and ask why and where.  Why do people feel this way and where does it come from? That’s what I want to discuss more and what will be the main topic of my upcoming book! Stay tuned…

Mariah shows the gays some love

My sister from another mister. The one and only Mariah Carey at the Out 100 awards.

Mariah and her friend Lee Daniels

Mariah surprised the crowd last night at the Out 100 awards to accept an award on behalf of her fabulous friend Lee Daniels.  Ms. Mariah said, “I’m a straight girl, so I don’t really know why they asked me to be here — but my boobs have been out for years,”  as she accepted the “Artist of the Year” award on behalf her boo Lee Daniels.  Lee Daniels is known for directing “Precious” and “The Butler” and is openly gay.  Mariah loves her boo! She said, “He’s an innovator, he’s a dear, true great person…I live for him.”
Mariah, we live for you honey! 

Check out the Out 100

Check it out: 2013 Out 100 List 

Love this list.  There were a few people on here that I didn’t even know were gay.  My personal favorites on the list are Mr.Wentworth Miller and Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint, the owners of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.  

Wentworth Miller has an amazing coming out story.

Wentworth Miller recently came out and he has quite the story.  He struggled a lot with coming out.  Wentworth! We love you and are here for you.  Honey child, you just give us a call.  Did you know that Wentworth attempted suicide before coming out? That is just heartbreaking.  During his interview with the Out 100 he said, “I remember carrying around deep feelings of shame after I tried to kill myself, feeling like I’d stumbled or failed life’s exam,”.  He went on to say, “That I was now ‘damaged goods.’ What I would say to that younger self — what I’d say to anyone who’s walked a similar road — is to focus less on the fact that you nearly ended your life and more on the fact that you survived, that you lived to tell the tale. And then tell it.”.  GOOD FOR YOU! What a moving story.  Read more here.

Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint founded my favorite ice cream shop in NYC.  If you are in the city you should check them out.  Some of the best ice cream around and it’s always GREAT to support GLBT businesses.  Check out Big Gay Ice Cream

Marriage equality for Hawaii!


Marriages can begin on 12/2/13!

This is just fabulous!! Finally! Hawaii beats Illinois to become the 15’th state in the United States for marriage equality.   Go Aloha state! 
We think marriage equality should be available in all states as it is a civil right but this is most certainly a step in the right direction.  Hopefully we will have federal support soon to provide marriage equality for all 🙂

The United States has some catching up to do with other countries like Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Uruguay.

Check out this great resource on international marriage equality.

Man attacks sister with crowbar because she’s a lesbian


A crowbar was used by a deranged idiot to attack his sister. Mind you, SHE brought shame to the family…

Bigot and accomplice

Bigot and accomplice

So file this under disgusting.  According to the Associated Press, Ahmed Mohammed Tuma allegedly attacked his sister with a crowbar because she was a lesbian and “a disgrace to her family”.  He is facing multiple charges including suspicion of attempted assault, criminal mischief and making terroristic threat.  On top of all that, he is facing a hate-crime “enhancement” of the charges according to the AP.

The incident occurred in Nebraska on 11/8.  Tuma is a 20-year old muslim man.  Additionally, he had an alleged accomplice.  Nathan Marks, 20.  Both idiots are facing charges.  The accomplice faces charges of aiding and abetting terroristic threats and aiding and abetting use of a weapon to commit a felony.

The victim is a 22-year old and is engaged.  Her brother came after her and girlfriend.  They were able to get into their car safely where her brother apparently tried to push the car into oncoming traffic with his pick-up truck.

So let me get this right…your sister being a lesbian brings shame to the family but you attacking her with a crowbar is ok.    According to the Lincoln Police Department, Tuma also threatened to kill his sister.  Again, all about how you are brought up.  Clearly, this man could use an education and some help undoing some of the brainwashing that clearly was a factor in this horrible hate crime.

Hopefully this man can take a step back and look at big picture here.  Hopefully he can distance themselves from the hate-filled brainwashing and step towards being better people.

Couldn’t agree more.


So moving!

Check this out. Rep. Kaniela (D – South Maui) Ing provides a very moving speech on gay marriage for Hawaii while sharing a very personal story.

We love him! Well worth the 9 minutes it’ll take you to watch.

Yay! Senate passes ENDA. Great step but not enough.


ENDA stands for The Employment Nondiscrimination Act.

So this is a nice step forward.  The Senate passed ENDA 64 to 32.  So the Democratic led Senate passed this.  Great right?! Well… it is but it’s not quite good enough to become a law.  Why you ask? Because the Republican led House of Representatives will most likely strike this down.  It is MIND BOGGLING to think that anyone (forget about an educated American) would think it is ok to fire someone because of their sexual orientation.  I mean seriously.  I can’t with these people.

So here is what some people are saying:

“The workplace is simply no place for discrimination,” Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine <– good for her!
“Today is an historic day,” said Harkin. “In 1964, we passed the Civil Rights Act–none of us were here then of course. And then in 1990, we passed the Americans with Disabilities Act–some of us were here at that time. And now we sort of finished the trilogy.”, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin

Here is an interesting little fact for you.  Heather Cronk, co-director of the organization GetEQUAL said “it’s hugely helpful as far as public education goes, since 90% of Americans think this is already law.”.  Ok.  So I don’t think civilians should vote on civil rights…isn’t that what the government is for?? But that’s another post I guess.  If 90% of Americans think this is the law and it isn’t then why don’t those 90% of the Americans say something!?!? I really can’t.

Here are what the opponents have to say. (It took every ounce of restraint I have to not type idiots instead of opponents there)

Opponents say ENDA will have “a chilling effect on free speech as well as religious liberty” by requiring secular businesses who have a moral objection to LGBT people to not discriminate against them. (

The Traditional Values Coalition says passage of ENDA would “hurt kids.”

“Young students in some states are already being confused by transgender teachers,” a fact sheet by the Traditional Values Coalition read. “If ENDA passes, students and children in daycare centers all across the nation will be subjected to individuals experimenting with their gender identities.” (

So this is what it comes down to.  Opponents of equality truly believe that the GLBT community is less than their heterosexual counterparts.  Newsflash, people don’t “experiment” with their gender.  If I were to go and have a freaking surgery and ask for a vagina, trust me…it would be a lot more than experimenting you idiot.  Ok, I am going to reel it in.  The opponents think that by exposing children to a member of the GLBT community it will somehow confuse them.  Ok.  Another newsflash.  Kids don’t give a $hit if someone is straight, gay, bi, trans or purple for that matter.  It is the adults that instill the bigotry and confusion.

So what can you do? Glad you asked.

Contact the House of Representatives.  Tell them to pull it together!  <– go there to find your representative.
AND/OR call and mail them like a crazy.  Good crazy that is…think rainbows, butterflies and puppies! 

U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 224-3121
TTY: (202)-225-1904

Lastly, please this very important survey.  I am using the results in my upcoming book and I think the results may surprise you.

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Congratulations Illinois!

Progress! We have our 15’th state in the US that has marriage!!

Baby steps! Read more here.

First post!


This is officially my first post! I have to say…it feels AMAZING.  This is going to be an amazing journey and I would be honored to have you join me.  This is about helping people.  Helping people come out of the closet, helping parents support their kids, helping people see things differently.

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