Really funny (and true): Things not to say to someone when they come out

BuzzFeed did a great job here with things NOT to say to someone after they come out.  Kind of funny but at the same time, they hit on some really great points.  LOVE THIS! If you haven’t already, check out our tips on supporting someone as they come out.  Read here!

19 Things NOT To Say To Someone When They Come Out To You

1. “I knew it!”

2. “Maybe you’re just confused.”


3. “Are you sure?”


4. “Wait, this doesn’t mean you’re into me…does it?”


5. “But like…how did you decide?”

6. “Maybe this is just a onetime thing?”


7. “You’re just doing this because it’s cool to be trans now.”


8. “No, you’re not.”


9. “Why would you want to make things harder on yourself?”


10. “I just think you’re too young to make this kind of decision.”


11. “Are you just giving up?”


12. “Is this just because you’ve had trouble finding a girlfriend?”


13. “You’re just doing this to spite me.”


14. “I just don’t want you to go to hell.”


15. “I guess it’s fine as long as you’re not some drag queen or transsexual.”


16. “Not if you plan on living under my roof.”


17. “Maybe you should see a therapist first… You know, just so you can be sure.”


18. “OK, but please don’t tell your grandparents. It would kill them.”


19. “Well, no one’s perfect.”


See the original post here.


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  1. Skitlers (Me)

     /  December 5, 2013

    Oh, my gosh. I have never seen anything so horrifically true in my life. Yet I’ve heard some of that stuff when i started telling people.


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