Being gay is illegal in India…again


5th Delhi Queer Pride parade in New Delhi in 2012.

India’s Supreme Court just threw out a 2009 ruling by a lower court that had decriminalized gay sex, a HUGE setback for gay rights in the world’s largest democracy.   This is almost hard to believe! The Supreme Court said that the lower court didn’t have the right to overturn the ruling 4 years ago.  Sounds like a lame-ass excuse to us.  It should be noted that several groups (mostly religious) fought very hard to overturn the 2009 ruling which decriminalized gay sex.  Groups included Hindus, Christians and Muslims.  A lawyer that worked on the case said, “They had said that this unnatural sex is not permissible in all the religions of the world.”.  


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  1. There is a petition on which you can sign, it is urging the Indian supreme court to reconsider this decision:


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