Gay couple kicked out of bar for being gay

Just read this story and had to comment. A gay couple was thrown out of a country-western bar in Texas for dancing together. Justin Meyer, 21, and James Douglas, 30, say the owner of Cactus Canyon in Victoria, Texas kicked them out for two-stepping together. The reason provided you ask? “Security Reasons”.

Here is what a bar spokesperson had to say, “It’s not acceptable for men to dance together in the type of business that we run.”. So basically they run a bigoted organization that promotes discrimination. Congratulations.

This is why the LGBT community needs federal rights and protection as a minority group.

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  1. Chris + Ernie

     /  December 29, 2013

    Hmmm. Well it is Texas. Our question is why would a gay couple go to a str8 place, knowing that the place is probably “not gay friendly” and start dancing with each other? First of all, it would make the machismo cowboy males REALLY uncomfortable – and probably a few females, (and who are they to come into another place and cause uncomfortable tension). We also would assume that the establishment is not promoted as a gay or bi venue. So why did this couple even go there? Just because we are gay and proud, doesn’t mean that every subculture brand identity of a place and venue catered toward promoting an entertainment style is going to be comfortable with other interpreted style brands “intruding” on their set standards. Texas is not NY, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles or Europe. We would imagine that this couple was trying to make a point – or not. As a gay couple, we understand “the point” but also it’s not in respectful tack to just force their interpreted values on an establishment that is – in most cases – about creating a set paradigm. If the venue wanted gay couples, they would advertise or cater toward those people. Gay people need to practice discernment within reason and circumstance. There is a place and time for our freedom, and be smart about it. This is why the misfortunes of beatings and death have occurred with our people. Be gay and proud, but utilize intelligence – not confrontation. We do admit that the couple should NOT have been thrown out in dramatics. The venue is also exemplifying intolerance, but seems they did that to make sure they kept their “brand” as integral to their identify as possible. And that’s ok to do.

    • Totally hear you on the observation and while it is true, they didn’t chose the most gay-friendly venue, they have the right to be there. My point is that we should all have the same rights. I can’t imagine that we would accept a black couple being kicked out of a “whites only” venue. Same thing.

      • Chris + Ernie

         /  December 31, 2013

        Yes. The “kick out” part was very primitive and unnecessarily dramatic.

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