Quick rant: Outing people


Aaron Schock image used for “hypothetical” purposes only

You should never out someone. Well…that is almost never. I do believe there is one small exception to that rule.

If someone is a public figure and using that fame as a stage to spew anti-gay hatred, they should be outed. Not because they are a public figure but because the my have chosen to use that spotlight to shame the very community they belong to. For example, if a politician is publicly anti-gay and votes to limit gay rights….this person should be exposed for the 1. Bigot that he/she is and 2. Sham that he/she is.

That is all.

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  1. I completely agree with you on this topic. I’ve given this particular Aaron Shock situation deep thought, mostly because once in college I had someone try to out me when I was no where near ready to come out. It’s a tough situation, and I concur, people should come out in their own time (I’m writing a whole blog about it – lol), but in the case of a politician who is making a career out of harming the rights of a certain minority group, while thus lying and spreading a message of intolerance and hate, I say all bets are off. Sorry Mr. Schlock, if you are really gay, time to pay the piper.

    Side note: I really am enjoying reading your blog. It is concise, to the point, educational and interesting. Thank you for your good work. I will continue to visit.

    • Thank you so much! You have a great site as well. Appreciate the kind words. We are on the same page with outing folks 🙂


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