Do NOT protect gays from human trafficking


Janice Pauls- probably needs to count a bumpy road as a date…

This is pretty disturbing.   Lawmakers in Kansas are talking about a new human-trafficking law that also protects LGBT individuals.  Different groups of people are protected under various human-trafficking laws and the purposes of the various laws are to protect.  Other than the obvious point that human-trafficking of any kind is wrong, you may ask yourself what is wrong with protecting gay individuals.   Good question.  Rep. Janice (Jan) Pauls does NOT want to protect gay individuals and is not pleased that this new law calls out sexual orientation as a protected class.  Pauls states that gays and lesbians are currently not a protected class in Kansas and that it would be bad to add them as a protected class in this law because technically in Kansas, they are not protected.  Also, she goes on to say that it may harm the individual because religious organizations often help take people in.  She fears that a religious organization may turn someone away if they are gay

So many things wrong with this situation…not sure where to start.  Let’s keep it simple.  This lady is clearly a bigot and a nasty person.  The fact that you would even bring this up is nothing short of evil.  It is so sad to see that someone could be so close-minded to bring up his or her personal BS views on a human-trafficking law.  Next, if a religious organization would turn someone away for any reason who has come for help…well then that religion should take a serious look in the mirror and re-think it’s definition of immorality.

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