Amazing photo collection

Great piece featured today by the Huffington Post.  Fabulous photographer Steve Rosenfield published a great project called ‘What I be’ which shows people’s deepest insecurities via captivating photos.  Here is how this project came to be.  Steve gathered a diverse group of individuals and asked them to complete the following statement; “I am not my _____”.  He asked them to fill in the blank with their deepest, darkest insecurities.  You can check out this amazing project here.   I love the theme of this project.

 “Building security through insecurity”.



“I am not my childhood”

Image“I am not my femininity”Image“I am not my sexuality”Image“I am not my rape” 


Image“I am not my image” 



“I am not my stage 4 cancer”

Image“I am not my bulimia”


And my personal favorite: 


“I am not my number.”


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