Gay can be cured! With magic!


Banned advertisement from the ant-gay group Core Issues

Over in London, there is a group called “Core Issues”.  It is a Christian group that is focused on helping turn people straight! Magically of course because THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE! What’s next? Mind you this group has had their ads banned in London because they are “extremely offensive” and now there is a bill in the parliament that will make this type of group illegal under tighter laws around the psychotherapeutic industry.

The practice of the “gay cure” or “gay conversion” therapy is widely condemned by professionals.  Conversion therapy has been proven to cause depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.  Core Issues openly practices conversion therapy…but that’s not what they say.  Here is what their spokesperson had to say, “It’s not conversion therapy. It’s about assisting people to change from unwanted sexual attraction if they want to have this therapy.”.  That’s right.  It’s about changing people’s feelings that YOU don’t like.  I wish they would just own it.  

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