Open letter to Utah government


Dear Utah Government,

Your state is known for the crazy $hit that goes down with the Mormons.  Everyone knows that you turn the other way or even support their crazy ways.  Everyone knows the Mormon’s donated millions of $ to stop gay marriage in California, promote conversion therapy to turn gay people straight (which science has proven is deadly) and not to mention that bit of a mess called polygamist compounds.   Yes, we know about that.  People have multiple wives and some of them are underage and immediate family members.  This is fact.  And yes, you have made some very public arrests in a very clear effort to show the “liberal media” that you don’t support the polygamists.

Here we are in 2014 and you are fighting so hard to block marriage equality for people who simply love each other.  They aren’t looking to have multiple partners, marry their immediate family or impose their political views on others.  They are simply looking to have the same civil rights as everyone else.  And let’s be clear on one thing.  Marriage is a civil rights issue. 

I have been to Utah many times and there are lovely people there.  Most of them transplants for work… That said, I think you should work on promoting education, feeding the hungry, stopping 50-year-old men from marrying their 14 year old cousins and other very real and pressing issues.  Additionally, please don’t forget that we have separation of Church and state for a reason.

Best regards,
Decent people



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