ArkansASS high school refuses to include bio of gay student in yearbook


I hate to say it but this does not surprise me at all.  I have been to AR several times for work and let me tell you…not the most forward thinking place.  I will say…Fayetteville is lovely little town (technically a city) though.

Taylor Ellis is a student at Sheridan High School and was one of seven students asked to write a bio for the yearbook.  Long story short, the school is refusing to publish this bio because he talks about being gay.  Ok…so how is this not discrimination? Would it be ok to not publish a person’s bio because of their race, religion or gender?! It is so hard to imagine how people (even in Arkansas) don’t get this.

HRC has a petition that you can sign here which is calling for the school to add the bio and calling this an ‘act of discriminatory censorship’.  As always, good work HRC.

Lastly, it seems that Sheridan Superintendent Brenda Haynes and Principal Rodney Williams made this decision.


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  1. I’m not technically “from” AR, I just live here. Nonetheless, I was APPALLED by this story!!! If that had been my child, I’d have been protesting at that school so fast, it would have made their heads spin! And I’d have probably sued the crap out of them for discrimination. Because that is EXACTLY what it is. Makes me ashamed, because there are so many wonderful people in this state.

    • Thank you so much for the note. Completely agree with you. This was nothing short of discrimination and my heart goes out to that poor kid. People don’t realize just how deep little things like this cut.


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