Same Sex Couples Wed in Pennsylvania

After Ruling, Couples Rush to Alter


I’m just reading the news on my flight out to LA and getting all teary eyed over this.   (more…)

Adoption benefits on hold in Utah for same-sex couples

Sean Reyes, Utah’s attorney general and bigot supreme has blocked same-sex couples from adopting.  The reason you ask? Because the courts are still working on “the issue” of same-sex marriage.  So…same-sex couples in Utah are now not allowed to adopt until the little “issue” of equality is addressed.

Reyes went to the Supreme Court and essentially asked them to stop same-sex adoptions until same-sex marriage issues are addressed.  The Supreme Court honored his request.  The icing on the bigot cake is that there are some couples out there that were legally married (when same-sex marriage was legal in Utah) and who are trying to adopt.   Reyes decided these families should not be allowed to adopt… he is literally going after these people one by one.

If you read a lot of the news articles out there on this it is a bit confusing… The net of it is that Reyes has worked hard to make life difficult for same-sex couples.   So the state of Utah is essentially saying that one straight parent is better than two same-sex parents who are in a loving and committed relationship.

Here is my one question for the people who oppose same-sex marriage and adoption.  Are there other issues you should focus on?

Making it happen

I’m trying to make things happen folks! I need a good intern. Please let me know if you know anyone that would be interested!

Department of Defense Pride!

Love it!!!


Hold on Idaho…equal rights are on hold

New news: Federal appellate court puts Idaho gay marriages on hold. This is pending an appeal. Isn’t it crazy that we can play with civil rights like this?

Yesterday: you have equal rights
Today: just kidding…haha. Oops.


Gotta love Starbucks and Oprah!

You know…I just LOVE Starbucks! Did you see their fabulous Mother’s Day post on their blog? Oprah proclaims “2 moms are better than 1”.  Yes they are!!! Ahhh!!! Mariah hand up in the air and waving.

Of course, some idiots have major issues with this.  As in the past, Starbucks has been criticized for their support of equality.   Bigots are stating that Starbucks “continues to support sexual sin”.   This just shows you how backwards these bigots are.  They can’t even get out of their own way.  Starbucks is NOT promoting sexual anything.  They are promoting EQUALITY and not backing off.

I applaud Starbucks and Oprah.  Good for you for being on the right side of history.


The power of equality

I have been meaning to write about this for some time now.  Former Mozilla CEO Branden Eich caused quite the controversy when his donation to the anti-gay group Yes on 8 surfaced.  Eich donated $1,000 to a group in California that was fighting VERY HARD (and dirty) to make sure California did not allow same-sex marriages.  Proposition 8 (which I lived through while living in Huntington Beach) was about making sure gays couldn’t marry in CA.  It was a ballot to make gay marriage illegal. 

You can read about my experience with Prop 8 here.   Mozilla competes directly with Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer internet browser.  All 3 competitors are pro-equality.  Very pro-equality actually.  The folks using the browsers and most importantly developing for the browsers are also pro-equality.  Something very interesting happened.  All of a sudden reality (reality defined as being a bigot is WRONG) slapped Mozilla in the face.

The idiot/bigot CEO was forced to step down shortly after his donation went public and the company received a very ugly and angry reaction from the public and tech industry.  The great news for us all here is that the tide HAS SHIFTED.  People realize that being a bigot is WRONG.  Being anti-gay is WRONG.  You can’t hind behind religion or “personal beliefs”. 

Hopefully this will be a lesson to all.  Either get with the program or deal with the repercussions.  There were some jokes made about there being a “gay mafia”.  I don’t think this was the case here.  Now if you’re in fashion, beauty or entertainment…you better watch out for the gay mafia.  We are very powerful and will cut you!! Hey…we have got to stick together and defend ourselves.  And by the way, the gay mafia includes our straight allies.

That is all.




Idaho steps towards equality

U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale struck down the Idaho ban on same sex marriage. That means that gay couples can get married as soon as Friday in Idaho as long as no higher court objects.

The fact that a higher court or any court could object to equal rights is bat shit crazy and another topic all together.

There are currently 17 states in the US plus Washington DC that allow same sex marriage or better said…17 states plus Washington DC promote equality. The other states have their heads up their asses still and have the lowest education rates in the country. It’s a fact. Look it up.

Another fun fact…legally married gay couples have the same federal rights as straight married couples. So we are essentially telling gays in non-gay friendly states that they don’t count.

Congrats to our brothers and sisters in Idaho. Let’s keep the momentum going.


Michael Sam makes history!

Michael Sam hugging his boyfriend in an emotional moment.

Michael Sam hugging his boyfriend in an emotional moment.

Michael Sam has made history by becoming the FIRST openly gay NFL player.  He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.  So yea, FINALLY we have an openly gay NFL player.  As I have said before and I’ll keep saying it…Honey, there are a bunch of queens running around the field for ALL major sports.

This is the beginning of the ship turning (in the right direction).  Michael had a very emotional reaction when he found out he was drafted and it was caught on camera.  During that reaction, he kissed his partner.  A few notes before I go on.

1.  Many straight players have the EXACT same reaction that is caught on camera.  They cry.
2.  Many straight players kiss their wives or girlfriends on ESPN ALL THE TIME.

Ok, now I’ll continue.  There are idiots out there who are saying that it was inappropriate to show 2 men kissing on ESPN because kids may be watching.  My answer to that is GOOD.  Your kids should be exposed to 2 men kissing.  It is completely normal and fine you moron.  Media has the power to shape what we view as normal.  If you grow up seeing 2 men or 2 women kissing on TV it will be “normal” to you.  Just as it is to see men and women kiss.

This just shows how some people simply don’t live in reality.  To say that it is inappropriate to show 2 men kissing on TV is discrimination in it’s purest form.  The sad thing is that many people just don’t see that.  Why is it ok to see half naked women on almost every ad out there? Why is it ok to see men and women kiss on ads everyday?

Some folks in the NFL have put their foots in their mouths already by tweeting bigoted comments.  The NFL has fined them and done the right thing.   Don Jones is one of the idiots who showed the world just how dumb he is by tweeting his dis-approval of the kiss.  He was fined and had to issue a statement apologizing.  Question for you…and for everyone out there.  How would people react if someone tweeted or said something racist about a black man? I think we have all seen what happens (Donald Sterling).   Why is it is any less offensive or wrong to make comments about gay people? It’s the same.  Anyone who says it isn’t is misinformed.  Bigotry is bigotry.

Some food for thought.

Check out the ESPN article on Michael Sam here.
Check out the CNN article on the reactions to the kiss here.

Amazing new album by RuPaul!


So RuPaul has been one of my favorite artists for years now.  I remember showing my mom how to sashay and shante in the kitchen to Ru’s “You Better Work” when I was a little boy 🙂

RuPaul is probably one of the most under-appreciated artists of our time.   Some of her songs are a bit niche in that they speak to the LGBT community very directly (for example, Tranny Chaser…the song is genius) but overall, each album makes you want to get up and DANCE HUNTY!!

Through the years, Ru has come out with some AMAZING albums.  Champion and Glamazon are hands down two of my favorite albums EVER.  You can check out all of Ru’s albums here.  I promise, you’ll ask yourself why these albums were not on the top of the charts.  Download Born Naked here or check it out on Spotify or Amazon.

Born Naked is Ru’s latest and is just GENIUS.  The first song, “Freaky Money” will certainly make you want to get up and dance.   VERY NYC.  “Sissy That Walk” will also get you up and dancing.  What I love about Ru’s albums is that you can listen all the way through and not get bored.  My favorite song on the album is “Let the Music Play”, a duet with Michelle Visage.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

I’ve missed you!

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