Same Sex Couples Wed in Pennsylvania

After Ruling, Couples Rush to Alter


I’m just reading the news on my flight out to LA and getting all teary eyed over this.  

Thousands of couples are rushing to get married in Pennsylvania.  Some that have been together for 30+ years.  It’s such a touching moment…I can’t imagine what it feels like to have waited for that long and to finally get the validation you deserve.

Kisses to all.  Hopefully soon, people will realize that love is love and that there are far more important things that the governments should focus on.  Perhaps all the anti-gay folks could pool their energy together and do something to fight poverty or help people in countries that still face genocide.

I’ll close with two questions…no wait.  Three questions.

What could be accomplished in the world if we focussed on the right things? And…Why are the people that are supposed to protect us (governments and religious organizations) spending so much time and money on “protecting traditional marriage”?

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