Tell your Congressional leaders to represent you!


Half of southerners support gay marriage, so why isn’t it the same in the Senate?

The decision to support gay rights beyond simply acknowledging our presence is something of a cultural phenomena. Probably the strongest support has come in the past year, when Prop 8 was taken to court and struck down. Now, a number of states have taken on their own constitutional bans that directly infringe on the rights of their own LGBT citizens.

Social media really has changed the course of action for public opinion, as well. Probably one of the most surprising was the online-activism of Facebook suers changing their profile pictures to equality signs to show solidarity. I think it was a shock for everyone that so many were in support of us.
But the battle for equality is nowhere near over. There are still a number of states that have banned marriage either in a constitution or only allow same-sex civil unions. Not surprisingly, these states are concentrated in the Southern areas of the U.S. Just under 50 percent of southerners support gay marriage, according to a Washington Post survey. However, there are only three Senators from Southern states that support same-sex marriage, and only a handful of Representatives.
Elected officials obviously can’t hold every value their constituents hold, but they are at least supposed to be representative of their district’s or state’s values.

It is time that we take part in our election process and get people into office who represent us, not their own personal values or monetary interests. Below is a full list of senators in current office that oppose gay marriage. Do them a favor and let them know how you feel about their policies.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell[45] (R-Kentucky)
Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn[45][46][47] (R-Texas)
Lamar Alexander[45] (R-Tennessee)
Kelly Ayotte[48] (R-New Hampshire)
John Barrasso[49] (R-Wyoming)
Roy Blunt[50] (R-Missouri)
John Boozman[51] (R-Arkansas)
Richard Burr[45][52] (R-North Carolina)
Saxby Chambliss[45][53] (R-Georgia)
Dan Coats[54] (R-Indiana)
Tom Coburn[45][55][56] (R-Oklahoma)
Thad Cochran[45] (R-Mississippi)
Bob Corker[57] (R-Tennessee)
Mike Crapo[45][53] (R-Idaho)
Ted Cruz[58] (R-Texas)
Mike Enzi[45][53] (R-Wyoming)
Deb Fischer[59] (R-Nebraska)
Jeff Flake[60][61] (R-Arizona)
Lindsey Graham[45][53] (R-South Carolina)
Chuck Grassley[45] (R-Iowa)
Orrin Hatch[45] (R-Utah)
Dean Heller (R-Nevada)
John Hoeven[62] (R-North Dakota)
Jim Inhofe[45][53] (R-Oklahoma)
Johnny Isakson[45][53] (R-Georgia)
Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska)
Ron Johnson[63] (R-Wisconsin)
Mike Lee[64] (R-Utah)
Joe Manchin[65] (D-West Virginia)
John McCain[66] (R-Arizona)
Jerry Moran[67] (R-Kansas)
Rand Paul[68] (R-Kentucky)
Mark Pryor[69] (D-Arkansas)
Jim Risch[70] (R-Idaho)
Pat Roberts[45][53] (R-Kansas)
Marco Rubio[71] (R-Florida)
Tim Scott[72] (R-South Carolina)
Jeff Sessions[45][73] (R-Alabama)
Richard Shelby[45][53] (R-Alabama)
John Thune[45][74] (R-South Dakota)
Pat Toomey[75] (R-Pennsylvania)
David Vitter[45][53] (R-Louisiana)
Roger Wicker[76] (R-Mississippi)

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