No more religious exemptions

Tell Congress to Stop Religious Bigotry



Last week women saw a devastating blow to their human rights with the Hobby Lobby case along with the court saying that religious non-profit companies could also be exempt from signing forms that would allow women to access contraceptives via their insurance. 

To say that women have it better than the LGBTQ community is naive (a white gay male still has more power than a female of any color, and still get paid better), but the war against women has become a covert war over the past few decades while the war against LGBTQ rights are still very overt. The battle against gay marriage is only one example. 

Now, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act has added that religious institutions can discriminate based on sexual preference. 

Using religion as an excuse for bigotry has been a long-standing tradition, but it’s time that the women’s rights groups and LGBTQ groups unite under a singular cause: take away the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). There is no place for religious bigotry in this world, and especially not in a country that is meant to pride itself on freedom of and FROM religion.

Take the time to contact your SENATORS and DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE


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