Joan Rivers: Our Queen

joan gay

Queen of the gays. Joan was ordained and even officiated a gay marriage in NYC. ❤

We lost an amazing person this week. What can be said about Joan Rivers that hasn’t already been said? She was talented, smart, witty, ahead of her time and plain brilliant. We need more people like Joan Rivers…the world would simply be a better place. She clawed her through a male-dominated business and paved the road for many female comedians while making history. She was outspoken in her support and love for the gays.  

Check out a great read from the Huffington Post on 6 of their favorite queer moments with Joan here.

Joan, you will be missed.

RED HOT 2015’s for a good cause 🙂


IT’S HERE!!!  The RED HOT 2015 Calendar had been launched and we couldn’t be any harder happier.


We could bore you with loads of pictures, but that seems like a waste of time when there’s a live action film clip of the photo shoots.

And here’s the great thing… if you buy it (it’s £25), you not only get to look at these incredible looking creatures throughout the year, but you’ll also be donating to various anti-bullying charities.



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Not only does CVS not sell cigarettes (which shows they care more about health than profits) but they have also included a gay couple (:26 mark) *briefly* in their new commercial.

Good for you CVS :0)

For the record, CVS is not the only pharmacy supporting the gays.  Duane Reade has been the presenting sponsors of the AIDS walk in NYC for some time now.  It’s always nice when corporations do the right thing.

Sexist humor is still sexist

So why is it that straight men who are clearly a 2 on the “hot scale” always have something to say about women? Either they have often made up stories about their escapades with “hot chicks” or they are claiming that women are “crazy”.  I think I may make a version of this video for straight men…Come on girls and gurls! Let’s put these men in their place!