Fox “News” at It’s Finest: C*ck Sucking F*ggot is OK to say!!

You can’t make this up. Take a look at this clip to see the fine folks at Fox “News” pretty much saying it is ok to racist and homophobic comments. Check out the 1:45 mark, Geraldo Rivera starts saying how it is totally ok for Alec Baldwin to have said “C*ck sucking f*ggot” because that’s how people talked where he was from.

REALLY?! So it makes it ok to say the F word which is just as offensive as the N word because you are from a bad neighborhood?

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The close minded people just can’t seem to get out of their own ways.

Best NYC Theater of 2013

Great article from the Advocate.  Click here for more details.  Best NYC Theater of 2013

Here is a summary:

10. The Vaudevillians
9. Harbor
8. Far From Heaven
7. A Kid Like Jake
6. Choir Boy
5. Kinky Boots
4. The Nance
3. The Glass Menagerie
2. Buyer & Cellar
1. Fun Home

This gives us hope! Heartwarming support for teacher who was fired for being gay

Mark Zmuda, the gay Vice Principal that was forced to resign or marrying his partner by the Catholic High School where he taught. More than 400 students came out to support Mr Z! There was even an online petition that gathered 12,000 signatures! This is truly heart warming to see that people can separate faith and bigotry. THEY DON’T HAVE TO GO TOGETHER!

The spokesperson for essentially said that firing a teacher for being gay is totally ok because all teachers sign a contract, which clearly states they must abide by the doctrine of the Catholic Church, which forbids same-sex marriage. You know what? I truly do believe that religious organizations should have the right to practice their faith and their beliefs. The issue is that the Church is picking and choosing which bits of the bible to take literally these days. Clearly we don’t see the Church asking parents to sell their daughters or telling people to have slaves…yet they seem to be fixated on the gays. Here is a quote from their spokesperson, Mike Paterson.

“He clearly understood, as a condition of his employment, that he would abide by church teachings and one of those teachings is they do not approve of this marriage,”. “He understood that under the Magisterium and teachings of the church, unless he adheres to that teaching he does not have a choice.”.

This seems to be a trend with Catholic schools. Check out a similar story here.

Preach love, not hate folks.  Let’s all be good people and do the right thing.

Secret Service hooker scandal


File this under ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So do you all remember the SCANDAL (great TV show BTW) last year with the secret service men banging a bunch of hookers? I sure do.  Back to the story.   So there was an “official investigation” to look into the matter.   Official investigation means that tax payers funded the study.  That’s fine.  No worries.  What was the study on you ask? Well they wanted to make sure that secret service agents weren’t going around sleeping with hookers all day long.  Great.  Fine.  How did they conduct this study? By asking a bunch of secret service men if they ever slept with hookers or if they knew of any of their colleagues who slept with hookers.  Ummmm…I am pretty sure that the men in the secret service will LIE ABOUT THIS!! It is like asking a bunch of cheaters if they are cheating on their partner.  People don’t admit this kind of thing.  ESPECIALLY IN THE SECRET SERVICE!! SECRET IS IN THEIR NAME!!  

Here is the official statement from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general’s office.  “Although individual employees have engaged in misconduct or inappropriate behavior, we did not find evidence that misconduct is widespread in USSS”.

Holy shit people.  As a tax-payer, I am offended that this is how my money is being spent.  You are the SECRET SERVICE! Do you really need to conduct a study to find out what people are doing?! Use your SECRET SERVICE skills and find out.  And I am still not clear on how secret service men sleeping with hookers is a matter of national security.  Are these guys telling the hookers their secrets?!

Want to read more about the joke of a study? Here you go.

Same-sex marriage in Utah!

So this is interesting…

A federal judge struck down Utah’s shameful same-sex marriage ban today.  Utah is a pretty conservative state an the Mormon Church has a HUGE propaganda campaign running at all times attacking the LGBT community.  Because that is what people should do in Church.  Back to the topic at hand.  Same-sex marriage licenses are currently being distributed but the crazies have already started coming out in protest.  In-fact, the Utah Attorney General Brian Tarbet has actually requested an “Emergency Stay” of the homophobic/bigoted law (ban of same-sex marriage).  

Here is what the moron (probably a closet case) had to say, “The federal district court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right has never been established in any previous case in the 10th Circuit. The state is requesting an emergency stay pending the filing of an appeal.”

So let me get this right.  You let voters in Utah vote on CIVIL rights….and now you are saying that the court didn’t have the right to strike down a law that was discriminatory in nature?! Really?

So back to the 2004 when the anti-gay law was passed.  The crazies claimed that gay-marriage would somehow affect heterosexual marriage and the sanctity of marriage.  With all due respect Utah…please keep your comments to yourself on the sanctity of marriage.  

Anyhow.  This is not the end of this story but this is great progress for now and we LOVE progress 🙂

Congrats to the folks in Utah.  And for the record, I have done a good amount of work in Salt Lake City and there are a lot of very nice open minded “normal” people out there.  It is really too bad when you have crazies in power that give that state such a bad name.

Hate crime charges for stealing a baby Jesus

Listening to the news on a traffic filled drive to New Jersey today. Heard a story that a Church in Suffolk County, NY had some little statues stolen from their nativity scene. The people who stole the baby Jesus may face hate crime charges. Yikes. I’m not condoning stealing at all and think it’s really disrespectful to steal from any religious organization.

That said, what charges will the Church face for the millions of crimes committed against the LGBT community and so many others due to the hate that has been promoted by them?

Just sayin.

Quick rant

Asking someone to accept homophobia in any way is a form of a hate crime. Period end of story.

For example, today on CNN Chris Cuomo asked Methodist Church Pastor Frank Schaefer why he can’t join a church that is more accepting of the LGBT community. Mr. Schaefer was suspended by the church after officiating his son’s gay wedding and a brave man that is on the RIGHT side of history.

If you ask someone to accept bigotry of any kind for any reason, you are comity on a hate crime. That is how serious it is.

That is all for now.

Good for you Brian Boitano!


Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano FINALLY comes out 🙂 Guuurl. So this is fabulous news for several reasons.  Obviously, it is always great news when someone comes out.  There is strength in numbers folks.  A simple but very true concept.  The other exciting thing here is that this makes him the third openly gay athlete appointed by President Obama as a delegate for the winter Olympics in Russia.  

Here is what BOItano had to say to The Huffington Post.  “It is my desire to be defined by my achievements and my contributions,”.  “While I am proud to play a public role in representing the American Olympic Delegation as a former Olympic athlete, I have always reserved my private life for my family and friends and will continue to do so.”

“I am many things: a son, a brother, and uncle, a friend, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is just one part of who I am,”.  “First and foremost I am an American athlete and I am proud to live in a country that encourages diversity, openness and tolerance. As an athlete, I hope we can remain focused on the Olympic spirit which celebrates achievement in sport by peoples of all nations.”



That is all.  Kisses!

Marriage equality in New Mexico

Marriage equality in New Mexico

NM is now the 16’th state + Washington DC to have marriage equality! Congratulations and let’s keep the momentum going!

#loveconquershate Support HRC in their efforts to bring equality to Russia.


Stupid people talking


Moron, Phil Robertson

So do you know Phil Robertson is? Yea, we didn’t either until the moron decided to show his ass and let the world know just how ignorant and stupid he is in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.  Phil is an actor on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty”…don’t worry, we didn’t know about that either.  Well here is what the actor had to say to GQ Magazine about the gays.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus,”.  “That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong.  Sin becomes fine.”  “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”.

1.  If you believe there is a “kingdom of God” that is totally fine but I highly doubt God would want ignorant, hateful and stupid people like you in his or her kingdom.  Side-note, God is a black female.  That’s what I believe!

2.  I really hate to keep circling back to religion but it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find an ignorant quote like this without the idiot’s quoting the bible or their made-up story book of choice.  Let’s all take note of where the hatred and evil is coming from.  Man is not born to hate.  We are brainwashed/conditioned to do so.  Sadly, it is by the very people that should be doing good in the world.


So America’s dimwit sweetheart AKA Sarah Palin has also weighed in on this.  Why thank you Sarah.  We REALLY want to know what your opinions are.  Shit for brains.  SHE says that our friend Phil is prosecuted for practicing his first amendment right.  Ok.  So if he were to go on an interview and say that all Jews should burn in an over, would that be ok too then? You moron.  What he said is a form of a hate-crime.  Period end of story.  

Get enrolled!

At of course.

Well…someone figured out how to get the gays to enroll for insurance…Out2Enroll is a group that is working on raising awareness of the botched site for the LGBT community.  They teamed up with Conor Gaughan for this festive video.

Cool stuff.  Check it out.

This is crazy

So The Advocate just named Pope Francis as the person of the year.  Totally get that he is less of a homophobe that prior popes but this is a bit insulting to the community.  He hasn’t said anything pro equality other than “who am I to judge”.  Hmmm…PR stunt maybe? Bad move.


Take that Putin, you moron!


Billie Jean King, the tennis legend and President Obama

President Obama has delivered a very clear message to Russia for the upcoming winter olympics.  As you probably have read, Russia has come under fire for their extremely anti-gay laws.   President Obama announced his delegates for the winter olympics and 2 of them are openly gay lesbians! 

Billie Jean King is a tennis legend and Caitlin Cahow is an Olympic medalist in women’s ice hockey.  The icing on this cake is that the President, First Lady and VP will NOT attend the winter olympics in Russia.  This is the first time that a President, VP or first lady is not attending the olympics since 2000.  

 Good for you Mr. President! Well done.

Just amazing. GaGa and Xtina

All the gays let out a loud gay gasp at the same time…

More white santa BS

It is completely hysterical and not surprising to hear just how ignorant some folks can be.  I just wrote about the ignorant and embarrassing comments of Megyn Kelly and posted that great clip of Jon Stewart.  Now it seems that some redneck idiot teacher in New Mexico told a his student that he couldn’t dress up as Santa because he isn’t white.  SERIOUSLY?!? SERIOUSLY?! The school is Cleveland High School and the student was a freshman.

Kim Vesely who is the director of Rio Rancho Public Schools, released the following statement:

“This situation involves a teacher recently hired by Cleveland High who made — and admits he made — a stupid mistake,”. “The remark was inappropriate and should not have been made. The teacher feels very badly about what occurred. He self-reported the incident to the principal and has apologized to the student and to the student’s parent. Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.”.

1.  This idiot teacher needs to be fired.
2.  My condolences to all the bigot idiots out there (Megyn Kelly) but Santa is a FICTIONAL character just like Mickey Mouse and any other Disney character.  He could be white, Latino, Asian, BLACK or even a FEMALE!!!!!

You know what else Megyn Kelly?? I hate the way you spell your name.


Quick rant

Racist people are disgusting, stupid and should be sent far far away.

That is all.


65 year old man in Uganda may get 2 years in jail for being gay

Seriously?! This is another one to file under crazy.  There are SO many things to worry about in this world.  Who someone choses to love, sleep with or be sexually attracted to is NOT one of them.  It is seriously shocking that in 2013 discrimination based on sexual orientation is so openly promoted in some countries…


Bernard Randall at his home in November 2013.

Bernard Randall is a British citizen who is being charged with “trafficking obscene publications”.  Randall’s laptop was stolen in October and the criminals that stole the computer used some of the content on the computer to blackmail him.  As you most likely know, being gay is very illegal in Uganda.  They have an anti-gay bill, which is known as the “kill gays bill” because of how brutal, and horrible it is.  Not only are homosexual acts illegal in Uganda but also if you are Ugandan, committing homosexual acts are illegal NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.  Holy bat-shit crazy folks! Yes, this is for real.

Back to the story.  So Randall may face up to 2 years in jail because there was a picture of him having gay sex on his laptop.  His Ugandan partner (who is 33 but that’s another story), Albert Cheptoyek, faces up to 7 years in prison “acts of gross indecency”.  His trial is now set for January of 2014.  As a side-note, the actual criminals who stole is laptop are also going to have a trial.  Can’t make this stuff up folks.

This type of discrimination is truly disheartening.  It also should remind us of just how lucky we are if we live in a relatively free country like the USA.  If only people would focus on things like education, feeding the hungry, crime and the millions of other things that actually need attention… This should make us all question the priorities of countries or governments that have any type of discriminatory laws in place.  We should also ask where does it come from.  My thoughts on where it originates are here.

2014 will be very gay on HBO

Very excited about 2014 on HBO! They two gay themed shows coming out (yay!).  Looking & The Normal Heart.  Both shows are highly anticipated and are creating a good amount of buzz already! AND they also have a documentary coming out called The Case Against 8 which is about California’s horrible, horrific and homophobic Proposition 8.

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to it all.  We need more gay on TV.  Most importantly, we need gay characters to continue to be integrated in ‘mainstream’ shows/movies.

Take a look here:



Santa is white….I swear! Another funny moment brought to you by Fox “News”

Another great one from Jon Stewart. The sad thing is that there are SO many people in America that actually think Fox “News” is a serious news network. Scary and funny at the same time… This particular segment is about the “war on Christmas”.

Megyn Kelly, one of the brilliant “newscasters” at Fox “News” also decided to go off about how Santa is white. Santa is white dammit!! Don’t you try to tell me otherwise! What a dumb, ignorant and racist bitch. Go get an education hunty.

Heart warming proposal

Check this out. Just lovely. I hope someone proposes to me like this 🙂

We love Apple and we love Tim Cook!

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple supporting the LGBT community and calling for the passing of ENDA

“I’d like to burn all gay people in ovens”: Former Russian Priest


Ivan Okhlobystin, former priest turned actor

File this under CRAZY.  Ivan Okhlobystin is a former priest from Russia who is now an actor.  He acts in the Russian version of the show “scrubs”.  “It’s Sodom and Gomorrah, as a religious person I can’t be indifferent to it, it’s a living threat to my children,” the idiot said.  Okhlobystin is a father of six kids and was kicked out of the Church in 2010 when he became an actor.  He also had a short-lived political career in 2011 when he TRIED to run for President.  Here are some other great quotes from this AMAZING man…“I don’t want my children to think that being a [faggot] is okay,”.  “It’s queer fascism! If a person can’t choose someone similar from the opposite sex for reproduction, it’s a clear sign of a psychic anomaly, it means they need to be deprived of the vote,”.  OK CRAZY.  Calm the f down.  Sounds to me like someone has issues with their own sexuality.

Russian LGBT people are facing HORRIBLE discrimination and harassment that is being promoted by the GOVERNMENT.  Last year, the Russian parliament began discussing a bill that bans “promoting non-traditional relations to minors” and clearly states that gays don’t have the same rights as their straight counterparts.  President Vladimir Putin signed this bill into law in June and has been defending it NONSTOP.

This is absolutely disgusting and a clear violation of human rights.  Russia has a FAR WAY TO GO before it could ever be taken seriously after all the horrific crimes against humanity here.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP! Join HRC’s #loveconquershate campaign here!

Sign this petition!

Who knows if it’ll do anything but can’t hurt.  Right?! This is for the anti-gay law that recently passed in India.  Let’s make it clear that we all stand for equal rights.

Sign here.


A great lesson for us all. This newscaster received a horrible email from a bully and you have got to see her flawless response. Simply amazing.

Great cause. Be sure to check it out.


Great cause. Be sure to check it out.

As you know, life is VERY difficult in Uganda for the LGBT community.  People are KILLED everyday for being gay.  Check out this excellent charity that is helping save lives by providing safe shelter to those who are in danger.

Click here!

Touching coming out video

Take a look. Quite lovely!

Being gay is illegal in India…again


5th Delhi Queer Pride parade in New Delhi in 2012.

India’s Supreme Court just threw out a 2009 ruling by a lower court that had decriminalized gay sex, a HUGE setback for gay rights in the world’s largest democracy.   This is almost hard to believe! The Supreme Court said that the lower court didn’t have the right to overturn the ruling 4 years ago.  Sounds like a lame-ass excuse to us.  It should be noted that several groups (mostly religious) fought very hard to overturn the 2009 ruling which decriminalized gay sex.  Groups included Hindus, Christians and Muslims.  A lawyer that worked on the case said, “They had said that this unnatural sex is not permissible in all the religions of the world.”.  


Great UN video on LGBT rights

What an inspiring video. Did you know that being gay is ILLEGAL in 76 countries still? Take a look at this touching video and get inspired!

“Gay people want healthcare because they are dying of AIDS”


David Agema

David Agema is the current Republican National Committeeman from Michigan, and the chairman of the “Top Gun Republican” political action committee has had some interesting things to say recently…according to our buddy Dave, gays want healthcare because they need it for their AIDS.  Here is what the genius had to say, “Folks, they (gay people) want free medical because they’re dying (when they’re) between 30 and 44 years old,”.  “To me, it’s a moral issue. It’s a Biblical issue. Traditional marriage is where it should be and it’s in our platform. Those in our party who oppose traditional marriage are wrong.”

Wow.  Seriously!? This guy needs to go back to 1950.  Ok- so why don’t we all send him a note? Here is his contact information.  You can easily send him an email:

Mailing Address:
Dave Agema
3299 Tomahawk
Grandville, MI  49448
Phone: (616) 534-5141

Update to bigot baker story

Jack Phillips, bigot and Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner is still talking.  This guy needs to GO AWAY.  So the moron went on Fox News (shocking) to rant about how he is doing God’s work.  This story does a great job at getting to the root of where homophobia comes from…people truly believe that it is morally wrong to be gay because of religion.  

Here is what he had to tell Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “I do what I do because I love doing what I do and I believe it’s what God’s designed for me to do,”.  “I don’t plan on giving up my religious beliefs … I don’t feel that I should participate in their wedding, and when I do a cake, I feel like I’m participating in the ceremony or the event or the celebration that the cake is for.”.

Like many before him, this man is using religion as his excuse.  So sad.  If you truly believe in God, you should have enough brains to know the difference between right and wrong.  Hatred is wrong and any religion that preaches hatred is wrong (at least about the hatred piece).  Time for people to wake up!

Support equality this holiday season


HRC just released their 2014 Corporate Equality Index.  This is a great resource to understand which companies support equality and the LGBT community.  This report rates companies based on their policies.  Be sure to support the top scoring companies this holiday season and all year long.
A few highlights this year.
-This year marks the first time in history that over 60 percent of the Fortune 500 include both sexual  orientation and  gender identity protections
-This year, a record 3O4 businesses achieved a top rating of 1OO percent
-91 percent of the Fortune 500 include “sexual orientation” in their nondiscrimination policies and 61 percent include “gender identity.” The majority of the total Fortune 500 — 67 percent — offer equivalent medical benefits between spouses and partners and 28 percent offer transgender-inclusive health care benefits, including surgical procedures.
-Top scoring retailers & internet services include eBay, Groupon, Google and Yahoo.  All have a score of 100.  Amazon and AOL have a score of 90.
-Exxon Mobil Corp. is the #1 Fortune 1000 company and has a score of -25 (NEGATIVE).  GET YOUR GAS ELSEWHERE.
-The top Fortune 1000 companies include Chevron Corp., General Motors Co., General Electric Co., Ford Motor Co., Hewlett-Packard Co., AT&T Inc., Bank of America Corp., McKesson Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Apple Inc., International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and Citigroup Inc.

You can download the full report here: HRC 2014 Corporate Equality Index.  Also, be sure to check out the ‘what you can do to help’ page here.


More proof that bigots are all stupid

More proof that bigots are all stupid

I really love publishing proof that bigots are idiots. More proof folks. The Ruth Institute, a group devoted to “fighting marriage equality”, showed the world just how STUPID they are when they posted a graphic with spelling and punctuation errors. Guys…really. Learn basic spelling and grammar before making bold political statements.


Homophobic baker found guilty for refusing to bake a wedding cake for gay couple


Charlie Craig, left, with his husband Greg Mullins; Masterpiece Cakeshop owner and asshole, Jack Phillips (right)

Charlie Craig and Greg Mullins were denied a wedding cake because they were gay.  Jack Phillips, owner of a bakery in Colorado refused the business of the couple last summer.  Luckily for us all, a civil court just found this idiot guilty of discrimination because he violated Colorado’s anti-discrimination law when he refused to bake the cake.

Here is what Greg Mullins had to say to KDVR Friday.  “Being denied service by Masterpiece Cakeshop was offensive and dehumanizing especially in the midst of arranging what should be a joyful family celebration.  We are grateful to have the support of our community and our state, and we hope that today’s decision will help ensure that no one else will experience this kind of discrimination again in Colorado.”.

The bigot (Phillips) told Denver’s KDVR that his religious belief prevented him from serving the couple.  He used the “religious liberty” argument in court and his attorney tried to use First Amendment as well.  Last July, Phillips said “I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  So you could say it’s a religious belief. I believe the Bible teaches [same-sex marriage is] not an OK thing.”.  REALLY? What else does the bible teach you?! Anything about being a decent person maybe? Go get an education! You KNOW that anyone using this excuse is either gay themselves or they are hiding some SERIOUS skeletons in their closet.

So the best part of this story is what the judge said when ruling that this was indeed discrimination.  Judge Robert Spencer of the Colorado Office of Administrative Courts announced the decision Friday.  He said because the Jack Phillips, who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop, previously made cakes for the wedding of two dogs, his claims that a wedding between two men contradicted his religious beliefs didn’t hold up.   LOVES IT!!

Just another example of idiots using religion to fuel their bigotry.  So transparent and obvious.

Gay teacher fired for getting married


Michael Griffin, former teacher at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem, Pa.

Michael Griffin taught Spanish and French at Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Bensalem, Pa., for 12 years.  On Friday, he was informed by the school’s headmaster that his impending marriage to his partner of over 10 years “contradicts the terms of his teaching contract.”.  SERIOUSLY.  It violates his contract to get married.  What kind of backwards, bull-shit contract is this?! 

Here is the message Griffin posted on his Facebook page.  “Today I applied for a marriage license since NJ now has marriage equality.”.  “After 12 years together I was excited to finally be able to marry my partner.  Because of that, I was fired from Holy Ghost Preparatory School today. I am an alumnus of the school and have taught there for 12 years. I feel hurt, saddened, betrayed and except for this post, am at a loss for words.”.  This is wrong no matter how you come at the situation.  

The school’s headmaster, Father James McCloskey, openly admitted that he let Griffin go because he was gay.  Here is what he had to say.  “At a meeting in my office yesterday, teacher Michael Griffin made clear that he obtained a license to marry his same sex partner.  Unfortunately, this decision contradicts the terms of his teaching contract at our school, which requires all faculty and staff to follow the teachings of the Church as a condition of their employment. In discussion with Mr. Griffin, he acknowledged that he was aware of this provision, yet he said that he intended to go ahead with the ceremony. Regretfully, we informed Mr. Griffin that we have no choice but to terminate his contract effective immediately.”.

Griffin told NBC that he believes he violated the following section from his contract:  “all teachers are expected to uphold lifestyles compatible with the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.”.   Time for the Roman Catholic Church to re-examine their definitions of “morals”.

Because the school is a private organization, it is within their right to fire someone for any reason they choose.  It should also be noted that sexual orientation is not a protected class in Pennsylvania.

More hate from anti-gay group

More hate from anti-gay group

The Illinois Family Institute, an anti-LGBT Christian organization, released this STUPID fake nutrition label comparing same-sex marriage to junk food. Seriously?!?!

Get a clue folks.

Great piece of art

Take a look at this really cool piece of art that challenges what it means to be attractive.  Take a look here.


Another update on the alleged anti-gay receipt note

no tip because your gay

So this is just getting stranger and stranger as the story continues.  As you know, Dayna Morales claimed to have received a VERY ugly note instead of a tip from an anti-gay mom.  There is an ongoing investigation now into Dayna’s story.  Now people are coming forward and saying that she has a history of telling lies.  Per the last update, the family who allegedly left the hate-filled note came forward saying they did leave a tip and that the note on the receipt was fake.
Dayna is currently suspended from her waitressing job until the investigation is complete.

Really hoping that this whole thing wasn’t a lie.  That would be worse than it actually happening.

MUST WATCH documentary

Have you heard of Facing Fear? If not, you will. This truly touching documentary/short-film brings together victims of hate crimes and their attackers. The film takes a look at how a victim has forgiven their attacker AND provides insight into the mindset of someone committing the hate crime.

Here is the official synopsis of the film.

Matthew Boger (left) and Tim Zaal

Tim and Matthew giving a presentation to students
in Los Angeles.

As a 13 year-old, Matthew Boger was thrown out of his home for being gay. While living on the streets of Hollywood, he was savagely beaten in a back alley by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads. Boger managed to survive the attack and escape life on the streets. Twenty-five years later, Boger found himself in a chance meeting with a former neo-Nazi skinhead, Tim Zaal. The two men soon realized that they had met before…Zaal was one of the attackers who beat Boger and left him for dead.

With their worlds turned upside down, the two embarked on a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation that challenged both to grapple with their own beliefs and fears. Neither could imagine that it would to lead to an improbable collaboration…and friendship.

FACING FEAR retraces the haunting accounts of the attack and the startling revelation that brought these men together again. Delving deep into their backgrounds, the roots of the ideologies that shape how they handle the reconciliation process are exposed. Self-doubt, anger and fear are just a few of the emotions they struggle through as they come to terms with their unimaginable situation.

Shot on location in Los Angeles, the film is the theatrical directorial debut for Jason Cohen. Edited by the award-winning Tom Christopher with cinematography by Svetlana Cvetko (Academy Award-winning INSIDE JOB), the film takes an introspective trip through the world of early 80’s Hollywood while delicately addressing past events that shaped the men involved, from early childhood to their present relationship.

Madonna’s open letter to Russia


There has been a lot of news recently surrounding Russia’s public and shameful anti-gay stance.  Several celebrities have spoken out publicly on the topic.   Ricky Martin, Lady GaGa, Wentworth Miller, Cher and Greg Louganis are just a few of the people who have said WTF?!?!

Madonna just released the following open letter asking her supporters to “fight against the Russian government’s campaign of hate”.  Madonna has recently joined HRC’s ‘Love Conquers Hate’ campaign.  You can support the FABULOUS HRC campaign HERE by ordering a t-shirt (DO IT!!).

Here is what lady M had to say.

Right now in Russia, LGBT people… are being targeted by hateful new laws that outlaw support for LGBT equality. Even with the 2014 Sochi Olympics just a few months away, fair-minded Russians are facing fines, harassment, and violence at the hands of thugs. 

“At this dangerous moment in Russian history, we as advocates have a responsibility to speak up and take our hopeful message global. That’s why I’m joining HRC’s Love Conquers Hate campaign, in hopes that more and more fair-minded people around the world will stand up and fight against the Russian government’s campaign of hate… 

“The goal of these hateful laws (in Russia) is to leave LGBT Russians feeling isolated. Worthless. Completely alone. Together, we can send a message to LGBT Russians that the world is on their side, and that those who seek to support them aren’t alone in this fundamental fight for fairness. It’s time for love to conquer hate everywhere, for everyone. I hope you’ll stand with me in this fight.”

Really funny (and true): Things not to say to someone when they come out

BuzzFeed did a great job here with things NOT to say to someone after they come out.  Kind of funny but at the same time, they hit on some really great points.  LOVE THIS! If you haven’t already, check out our tips on supporting someone as they come out.  Read here!

19 Things NOT To Say To Someone When They Come Out To You

1. “I knew it!”

2. “Maybe you’re just confused.”


3. “Are you sure?”


4. “Wait, this doesn’t mean you’re into me…does it?”


5. “But like…how did you decide?”

6. “Maybe this is just a onetime thing?”


7. “You’re just doing this because it’s cool to be trans now.”


8. “No, you’re not.”


9. “Why would you want to make things harder on yourself?”


10. “I just think you’re too young to make this kind of decision.”


11. “Are you just giving up?”


12. “Is this just because you’ve had trouble finding a girlfriend?”


13. “You’re just doing this to spite me.”


14. “I just don’t want you to go to hell.”


15. “I guess it’s fine as long as you’re not some drag queen or transsexual.”


16. “Not if you plan on living under my roof.”


17. “Maybe you should see a therapist first… You know, just so you can be sure.”


18. “OK, but please don’t tell your grandparents. It would kill them.”


19. “Well, no one’s perfect.”


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Gay rights movement

A truly inspiring video that chronicles the progress of the gay rights movement.  This will move you.

What an amazing video form Europe on same-sex parents.   Take a look.

Shopping tips!

This holiday season, be sure you support companies that are pro-LGBT.  Make a statement with your wallet!
Companies on the “nice” list include: Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Target, Ford and many many others.


Check out the HRC Equality Index here for a complete list of companies that support the community.

Catholic Church is a complete victim :(


The Catholic Church has been “outmarketed” by the liberal media regarding gay rights.

According to the Associated Press, Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Roman Catholic Church has been “outmarketed” on the issue of gay marriage and has been “caricatured as being anti-gay.”.  The delusional Cardinal went on to say that the Church would not give up on the topic.  When asked why the church is essentially a joke because of their stance on gay marriage, Dolan says it’s a tough battle when forces like Hollywood, politicians and “some opinion-molders” are on the other side.  I’ll spare the horrific bible quotes here but click here if you’d like to read some of the ways the Church is being “caricatured as being anti-gay.”

So let me get this straight…people really HAVE JUST come out in support of LGBT rights in the past few years.  And it isn’t even EVERYONE.  The Church has maintained it’s anti-gay propaganda and brainwashed thousands of societies for as long as we know.   The choice of words here is nothing short of comical.  With all due respect Cardinal, we think you should seriously get a grip of reality.  If you are going to be on the wrong side of history, you may as well just own it.  The LGBT community is one of MANY scapegoats developed to divert attention from the MANY wrong doings of all major religions (not just the Church).

You can watch the interview tonight (Sunday 12/1) on NBC’s “Meet The Press”.



Update on the story of Former Marine Dayna Morales. The couple who allegedly left the homophobic note has come forward claiming the note was a hoax and that they actually did leave a tip (20%). They have shown their credit card statement as proof that they did actually leave a tip…

According to NBC, the owner of the restaurant and manager are insisting they have the original receipt of $93.55 without a tip but they have yet to provide this. Morales has denied the claim saying, “That’s not my handwriting,”.

We will continue to monitor the story. Let’s just hope this isn’t a scam because that would be RUDE!


Such an amazing video on gender roles. Featured on our brainwashing page. Be sure to check out this video and our the page 🙂



Very VERY excited about the new section that we just added! Check out the ‘brainwashing’ section.  We cover gender roles, media and religion! Gasp.  So many things to cover.  There are a few pages and some GREAT information. 
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