Media & Propaganda

Let’s examine some interesting ads and images here.


Brit Brit! Take a look for yourself Before and after.


Yes, this was for real.



mans worls

Oh PLEASE. What sad man was behind this ad?

cig ad

She should punch him right in his face.

1956 ads

Uh huh…

toy aisle

Blue is for boy and pink is for girls. Right? That’s just the way it is. BUY YOUR COLOR.


So what if a girl wants to play with a castle or with tools? Man made rules…


Women treated as objects? NO WAY. That is just liberal BS.


She should stick his dick in that mixer.


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  1. Clever. clever, clever, clever ! Wow. I’m every so impressed. I’m in love you with you! You got such brains. I’d never have thought of something this clever. Wow. This is good. Mark


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