HOMOphobia & Racism: Similar?

Compare and contrast for yourself.

This is quite the controversial topic.  While I do believe racism and homophobia are very different in many ways, I believe the ROOT OF THE ISSUE IS THE SAME.   Intolerance, bigotry and hatred are not inherent qualities.  THEY ARE TAUGHT.   When you ask why, all roads lead to brainwashing. 

Montgomery_Ala_Protest_1961.jpegDiscrimination ILLUS.jpg WhitesOnly no colored or spanish YESon8 Bishop_Gay_Marriage_Exorcism

anti gay kids signs

People literally went crazy and had the yes on 8 signs everywhere possible.

AntiGay-Marriage Anti-same sex marriage activists demonstrating

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  1. Skitlers (Me)

     /  December 5, 2013

    It’s really a shame on what people dictate love around. Less on what it is and more on who it’s with. What amazes me is that children lack seeing others difference and focus more on moral rights when adults are more on a traditional basis, if it’s not like me it’s not right. I’m glad there are some people who are able to stand in between.

  2. Wow! Moving through the photos caused me to think more than a narrative would have done. It’s like those shops in Germany that proudly displayed “Judenfrei” signs, indicating that they didn’t serve Jews. All hate is hate … period. And as for that knucklehead who wanted to perform an exorcism, he’s watched too much American Horror Show episodes and needs to ratchet it back down to Chicago fire !


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