Gay Celebrities

Here are a few of our favorite out & proud celebrities.  Sorry, no pictured of naked gay celebrities here.  And, I don’t want to speculate on folks we think or know are gay.

Sir Elton John


Sir Elton was WELL ahead of his time when he came out in 1976 as bi-sexual.  Married a woman in 1984 but then divorced and came out as gay in 1988.  Elton is a true living legend.  His talent is un-matched and he has served as a positive role model for the LGBT community.  Elton entered a civil union with his partner David Furnish and the two had a son born by surrogate in 2010.

Ellen DeGeneres


Who doesn’t love Ellen!? I mean seriously! Is she not the most lovable gal out there? Ellen came out as a lesbian in 1997 and has been one of the most positive role models for the LGBT community since then.  Her positive outlook is infectious and she is truly a class act.  LOVE ME SOME ELLEN!

Neil Patrick Harris

"The Smurfs 2" - Los Angeles Premiere - Blue Carpet

Neil Patrick Harris is totally the male Ellen.  Let’s keep it real.  You HAVE TO love Neil.  You can just tell he is a good guy.  Neil could have easily gone down a different rode when he came out in 2006.  Instead, his career took off and he adopted twins with his partner David Burtka.  These two seriously have the CUTEST FAMILY EVER.

Ricky Martin


Holy sex man…Ricky oh Ricky.  I don’t know about you but I have been in love with Ricky for YEARS.  Well before he came out in 2010.  Ricky is one of the biggest artists to crossover from Latin to English pop.  His breakthrough performance in 1999 of his hit song “Cup of Life” in the 41’st Grammy Awards catapulted him to mega-star status.  Ricky became the sexiest dad ever to twins by surrogate in 2008.   Ricky and his partner Carlos González Abella, are raising their children as a fabulous and loving family.

Don Lemon


Don Lemon is one of the most eloquent newscasters on the air.  Don is an Emmy Award winning journalist and always provides a great perspective when reporting the news.  What I love About Don is that he keeps it real and is not guilty of twisting the news to match his perspective.  Don came out in 2011 and is a FABULOUS role model for all. And he is quite handsome.  Just sayin.

Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow is probably one of the most outspoken journalists out there.  She stands up for what is right and is NOT AFRAID to tell you her view.  Maddow started her career on the radio and then took it to TV around 2005.  She is another well-spoken individual.  You can’t help but listen when she talks.  She is extremely intelligent and even if you don’t agree with her perspective all the time, you will learn something listening to her.

Jason Collins

Jason Collins

Jason Collins made history when he came out in 2013.  He is officially the FIRST player in the NBA to come AND the FIRST ACTIVE professional athlete (this covers MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL).  There are lots of out athletes who are no longer active.  That’s all great and fine.  However, Collins made a statement when he came out and is continuing to play.  That takes some balls.  Pun intended 😉 FYI, he plays for the Washington Wizards.

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