65 year old man in Uganda may get 2 years in jail for being gay

Seriously?! This is another one to file under crazy.  There are SO many things to worry about in this world.  Who someone choses to love, sleep with or be sexually attracted to is NOT one of them.  It is seriously shocking that in 2013 discrimination based on sexual orientation is so openly promoted in some countries…


Bernard Randall at his home in November 2013.

Bernard Randall is a British citizen who is being charged with “trafficking obscene publications”.  Randall’s laptop was stolen in October and the criminals that stole the computer used some of the content on the computer to blackmail him.  As you most likely know, being gay is very illegal in Uganda.  They have an anti-gay bill, which is known as the “kill gays bill” because of how brutal, and horrible it is.  Not only are homosexual acts illegal in Uganda but also if you are Ugandan, committing homosexual acts are illegal NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE.  Holy bat-shit crazy folks! Yes, this is for real.

Back to the story.  So Randall may face up to 2 years in jail because there was a picture of him having gay sex on his laptop.  His Ugandan partner (who is 33 but that’s another story), Albert Cheptoyek, faces up to 7 years in prison “acts of gross indecency”.  His trial is now set for January of 2014.  As a side-note, the actual criminals who stole is laptop are also going to have a trial.  Can’t make this stuff up folks.

This type of discrimination is truly disheartening.  It also should remind us of just how lucky we are if we live in a relatively free country like the USA.  If only people would focus on things like education, feeding the hungry, crime and the millions of other things that actually need attention… This should make us all question the priorities of countries or governments that have any type of discriminatory laws in place.  We should also ask where does it come from.  My thoughts on where it originates are here.