More white santa BS

It is completely hysterical and not surprising to hear just how ignorant some folks can be.  I just wrote about the ignorant and embarrassing comments of Megyn Kelly and posted that great clip of Jon Stewart.  Now it seems that some redneck idiot teacher in New Mexico told a his student that he couldn’t dress up as Santa because he isn’t white.  SERIOUSLY?!? SERIOUSLY?! The school is Cleveland High School and the student was a freshman.

Kim Vesely who is the director of Rio Rancho Public Schools, released the following statement:

“This situation involves a teacher recently hired by Cleveland High who made — and admits he made — a stupid mistake,”. “The remark was inappropriate and should not have been made. The teacher feels very badly about what occurred. He self-reported the incident to the principal and has apologized to the student and to the student’s parent. Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.”.

1.  This idiot teacher needs to be fired.
2.  My condolences to all the bigot idiots out there (Megyn Kelly) but Santa is a FICTIONAL character just like Mickey Mouse and any other Disney character.  He could be white, Latino, Asian, BLACK or even a FEMALE!!!!!

You know what else Megyn Kelly?? I hate the way you spell your name.