The power of equality

I have been meaning to write about this for some time now.  Former Mozilla CEO Branden Eich caused quite the controversy when his donation to the anti-gay group Yes on 8 surfaced.  Eich donated $1,000 to a group in California that was fighting VERY HARD (and dirty) to make sure California did not allow same-sex marriages.  Proposition 8 (which I lived through while living in Huntington Beach) was about making sure gays couldn’t marry in CA.  It was a ballot to make gay marriage illegal. 

You can read about my experience with Prop 8 here.   Mozilla competes directly with Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer internet browser.  All 3 competitors are pro-equality.  Very pro-equality actually.  The folks using the browsers and most importantly developing for the browsers are also pro-equality.  Something very interesting happened.  All of a sudden reality (reality defined as being a bigot is WRONG) slapped Mozilla in the face.

The idiot/bigot CEO was forced to step down shortly after his donation went public and the company received a very ugly and angry reaction from the public and tech industry.  The great news for us all here is that the tide HAS SHIFTED.  People realize that being a bigot is WRONG.  Being anti-gay is WRONG.  You can’t hind behind religion or “personal beliefs”. 

Hopefully this will be a lesson to all.  Either get with the program or deal with the repercussions.  There were some jokes made about there being a “gay mafia”.  I don’t think this was the case here.  Now if you’re in fashion, beauty or entertainment…you better watch out for the gay mafia.  We are very powerful and will cut you!! Hey…we have got to stick together and defend ourselves.  And by the way, the gay mafia includes our straight allies.

That is all.