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A little coming out humor.

Another athlete comes out!


Thomas Hitzlsperger

This time it was German FORMER soccer player Thomas Hitzlsperger.  I have no idea how to talk the language of sports so I figured it would be best use Wikipedia…or I may say something completely wrong (like touch down at a baseball game…it happened).

Wikipedia bio: Thomas Hitzlsperger (born 5 April 1982) is a German former footballer who played as a midfielder. He spent the early part of his career playing for Aston Villa in England (accompanied by a short loan spell at Chesterfield), before returning to Germany to play for Stuttgart, where he won the Bundesliga in 2007. In 2010 he signed for Italian side Lazio, before moving back to England to join West Ham United later that year. He then had brief spells with Wolfsburg and Everton.

Hitzlsperger also represented the German national team, earning 52 caps and being selected for the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008. Following a series of injuries, he retired from football in September 2013.

As it states above, he retired in Sept. of 2013.  Yet another FORMER athlete that comes out.  I’ll take it.  I have written about athletes coming out and how I think we need more active athletes coming out.  In my opinion, athletes are scared to lose lucrative endorsements and fear not being “part of the team” so they stay closeted.  

Hitzlsperger spoke with German newspaper Die Zeit  and said he came out right before the Winter Olympics intentionally in support of the community.  “I think this is a good moment for it,”.  “The Olympic Games in Sochi are coming up and I think we need critical voices against the campaigns of several governments against homosexuals.”.  GOOD FOR YOU!! And yes yes yes!

Hitzlsperger went on to say “Homosexuality is ignored in football,”.  “To this day, I don’t know one player personally who has expressed himself on the topic,”.  “As absurd as it might sound in 2014, in soccer, ‘gay’ is still a swear word. You even say ‘gay pass’ after a weak pass to another player,”.  Sadly, he admitted to using the ‘gay’ slur himself.  Just goes to show you how (blissfully) ignorant athletes can be.  

I say GOOD FOR HIM and I look forward to more athlete taking that brave step out of the closet.  This is truly the civil rights issue of this generation and it is a shame that it is taking so long to move forward! 

Shouldn’t out the professional athletes


While my opinion is that all the closeted professional athletes are nothing short of cowards and liars, it is their right to do so. There is always chatter in the news about what athlete is gay and some of it is true. Where there is smoke, there is fire. That said, outing someone is never the right choice.

I hope there is a day where we don’t need to come out. Where it is completely normal to be straight or LGBT. The truth is that we are all born this way. Including the heterosexuals.

Back on topic. Unless someone is actively anti-gay and a public figure, we really have no place outing them. It is a deeply personal decision. There are factors that go beyond acceptance. What we do need is more straight professional athletes speaking up that being gay is ok. We need to educate the uneducated. Making it easier for those in the painful closet to come out. It shouldn’t be a choice between coming out and keeping your lucrative contract and endorsements. My personal opinion is that being honest with yourself and your fan base is more important than the $ but that is easy to say when I don’t have a $100 Million contract in front of me.

I write this today as I am reading the stories about Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers QB and his alleged boyfriend.

I had a closeted relationship with someone who worked in professional sports and I can tell you from experience that these gay/bi-sexual professional athletes are crippled with fear, self-doubt and insecurities. Not that much different then the rest of us who haven’t come out yet.

Shady shade shade: Closeted Politicians


Aaron Schock: clearly “straight”

I just LOVE this article! Seriously one of the best things I have read in such a long time. The article highlights politicians that have been caught in a compromising position to put it nicely. The position is a gay one. Not just a little gay but full on Mariah Carey, Lady GaGa and Madonna gay.

Let’s examine the common theme among almost 100% of these men. They are anti-gay in some way. They have either voted to limit gay rights or have been extremely outspoken with their bigotry. Now any half-intelligent person should be able to pick up on this common denominators pretty quickly here. Oh and they are mostly Republicans as well. Isn’t that just festive? I always say and truly believe that when people are nasty/rotten you don’t really need to do much to prove it. They will do a great job of proving just how nasty and rotten they are on their own. This is especially true for bigots. They are so clueless, they just keep proving how ignorant they are (Sarah Palin is a great example of an idiot who is blissfully ignorant).

Check out this great article here.

Quick rant: Outing people


Aaron Schock image used for “hypothetical” purposes only

You should never out someone. Well…that is almost never. I do believe there is one small exception to that rule.

If someone is a public figure and using that fame as a stage to spew anti-gay hatred, they should be outed. Not because they are a public figure but because the my have chosen to use that spotlight to shame the very community they belong to. For example, if a politician is publicly anti-gay and votes to limit gay rights….this person should be exposed for the 1. Bigot that he/she is and 2. Sham that he/she is.

That is all.

Love Don Lemon!

What a great role model! Good for him! Well said sir. Great advice on coming out.

Touching coming out video

Take a look. Quite lovely!

Really funny (and true): Things not to say to someone when they come out

BuzzFeed did a great job here with things NOT to say to someone after they come out.  Kind of funny but at the same time, they hit on some really great points.  LOVE THIS! If you haven’t already, check out our tips on supporting someone as they come out.  Read here!

19 Things NOT To Say To Someone When They Come Out To You

1. “I knew it!”

2. “Maybe you’re just confused.”


3. “Are you sure?”


4. “Wait, this doesn’t mean you’re into me…does it?”


5. “But like…how did you decide?”

6. “Maybe this is just a onetime thing?”


7. “You’re just doing this because it’s cool to be trans now.”


8. “No, you’re not.”


9. “Why would you want to make things harder on yourself?”


10. “I just think you’re too young to make this kind of decision.”


11. “Are you just giving up?”


12. “Is this just because you’ve had trouble finding a girlfriend?”


13. “You’re just doing this to spite me.”


14. “I just don’t want you to go to hell.”


15. “I guess it’s fine as long as you’re not some drag queen or transsexual.”


16. “Not if you plan on living under my roof.”


17. “Maybe you should see a therapist first… You know, just so you can be sure.”


18. “OK, but please don’t tell your grandparents. It would kill them.”


19. “Well, no one’s perfect.”


See the original post here.


Check out the Out 100

Check it out: 2013 Out 100 List 

Love this list.  There were a few people on here that I didn’t even know were gay.  My personal favorites on the list are Mr.Wentworth Miller and Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint, the owners of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.  

Wentworth Miller has an amazing coming out story.

Wentworth Miller recently came out and he has quite the story.  He struggled a lot with coming out.  Wentworth! We love you and are here for you.  Honey child, you just give us a call.  Did you know that Wentworth attempted suicide before coming out? That is just heartbreaking.  During his interview with the Out 100 he said, “I remember carrying around deep feelings of shame after I tried to kill myself, feeling like I’d stumbled or failed life’s exam,”.  He went on to say, “That I was now ‘damaged goods.’ What I would say to that younger self — what I’d say to anyone who’s walked a similar road — is to focus less on the fact that you nearly ended your life and more on the fact that you survived, that you lived to tell the tale. And then tell it.”.  GOOD FOR YOU! What a moving story.  Read more here.

Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint founded my favorite ice cream shop in NYC.  If you are in the city you should check them out.  Some of the best ice cream around and it’s always GREAT to support GLBT businesses.  Check out Big Gay Ice Cream

First post!


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