Quick rant: Fox “News”

Fox “News” NYE special will include the Stars of Duck Dynasty tonight.  Seriously.  Nothing to say other than I am not surprised.

I really consider myself open-minded and I do realize that the major news channels are pretty much propaganda.  I truly make an effort to get my news from multiple sources and educate myself on a topic before I have an opinion.  I just don’t understand how Fox “News” is still on the air.  You talk to anyone who watches Fox “News” and they will say that the liberal media (i.e. MSNBC) is just as bad as Fox in “spinning”.  I agree that liberal media stations certainly have their own “spin” on things but I can’t get over the fact that Fox “News” promotes bigotry.  There is no getting around the fact that they employee sexist, homophobic and racist newscasters who share their horrible views everyday.  Say what you want about liberal media but I don’t see anyone on MSNBC screaming about there being a white santa, how gay marriage is ruining the world or how the bible should be the law.

Back to New Years Eve on Fox…just watch CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  HELLO!? I mean…that’s just normal.  Right?!



Fox “News” at It’s Finest: C*ck Sucking F*ggot is OK to say!!

You can’t make this up. Take a look at this clip to see the fine folks at Fox “News” pretty much saying it is ok to racist and homophobic comments. Check out the 1:45 mark, Geraldo Rivera starts saying how it is totally ok for Alec Baldwin to have said “C*ck sucking f*ggot” because that’s how people talked where he was from.

REALLY?! So it makes it ok to say the F word which is just as offensive as the N word because you are from a bad neighborhood?

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The close minded people just can’t seem to get out of their own ways.

Santa is white….I swear! Another funny moment brought to you by Fox “News”

Another great one from Jon Stewart. The sad thing is that there are SO many people in America that actually think Fox “News” is a serious news network. Scary and funny at the same time… This particular segment is about the “war on Christmas”.

Megyn Kelly, one of the brilliant “newscasters” at Fox “News” also decided to go off about how Santa is white. Santa is white dammit!! Don’t you try to tell me otherwise! What a dumb, ignorant and racist bitch. Go get an education hunty.