Mariah shows the gays some love

My sister from another mister. The one and only Mariah Carey at the Out 100 awards.

Mariah and her friend Lee Daniels

Mariah surprised the crowd last night at the Out 100 awards to accept an award on behalf of her fabulous friend Lee Daniels.  Ms. Mariah said, “I’m a straight girl, so I don’t really know why they asked me to be here — but my boobs have been out for years,”  as she accepted the “Artist of the Year” award on behalf her boo Lee Daniels.  Lee Daniels is known for directing “Precious” and “The Butler” and is openly gay.  Mariah loves her boo! She said, “He’s an innovator, he’s a dear, true great person…I live for him.”
Mariah, we live for you honey! 

Check out the Out 100

Check it out: 2013 Out 100 List 

Love this list.  There were a few people on here that I didn’t even know were gay.  My personal favorites on the list are Mr.Wentworth Miller and Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint, the owners of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.  

Wentworth Miller has an amazing coming out story.

Wentworth Miller recently came out and he has quite the story.  He struggled a lot with coming out.  Wentworth! We love you and are here for you.  Honey child, you just give us a call.  Did you know that Wentworth attempted suicide before coming out? That is just heartbreaking.  During his interview with the Out 100 he said, “I remember carrying around deep feelings of shame after I tried to kill myself, feeling like I’d stumbled or failed life’s exam,”.  He went on to say, “That I was now ‘damaged goods.’ What I would say to that younger self — what I’d say to anyone who’s walked a similar road — is to focus less on the fact that you nearly ended your life and more on the fact that you survived, that you lived to tell the tale. And then tell it.”.  GOOD FOR YOU! What a moving story.  Read more here.

Bryan Petroff & Doug Quint founded my favorite ice cream shop in NYC.  If you are in the city you should check them out.  Some of the best ice cream around and it’s always GREAT to support GLBT businesses.  Check out Big Gay Ice Cream