Choose your words

Check out the ‘choose your words’ section that was just added under ‘how you can help’.  Added some color commentary on a GAY and the F word.  We thought this was too good to just have as a post which would eventually be buried as new posts came in.

Here is what we have so far.  Please feel free so send me comments and thoughts on these or any other words that you think we should discuss. 

Choose your words

So…”that’s so gay”. Ever here someone say that? Hopefully you kicked them right in the neck.

Gay should NEVER be used as an adjective to define something negative.  Period end of story.  There are PLENTY of other words that we can all use.  Substituting “gay” for a negative word ignorant, hateful and WRONG.   For a great ‘101’ on gay, check this out.

The Other F Word

There has been a lot of news recently on the “other F word”.  The word faggot is one of those words that stings bad.  It is top 3 most hateful words we know.  It plagues rap songs and hateful conversations everywhere.

Jay-Z, one of the most talented (and smartest) rappers around said, “It’s no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination, plain and simple.”.  We agree! Very simple and direct message there.

Take the knowledge and pass it on!