Secret Service hooker scandal


File this under ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So do you all remember the SCANDAL (great TV show BTW) last year with the secret service men banging a bunch of hookers? I sure do.  Back to the story.   So there was an “official investigation” to look into the matter.   Official investigation means that tax payers funded the study.  That’s fine.  No worries.  What was the study on you ask? Well they wanted to make sure that secret service agents weren’t going around sleeping with hookers all day long.  Great.  Fine.  How did they conduct this study? By asking a bunch of secret service men if they ever slept with hookers or if they knew of any of their colleagues who slept with hookers.  Ummmm…I am pretty sure that the men in the secret service will LIE ABOUT THIS!! It is like asking a bunch of cheaters if they are cheating on their partner.  People don’t admit this kind of thing.  ESPECIALLY IN THE SECRET SERVICE!! SECRET IS IN THEIR NAME!!  

Here is the official statement from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general’s office.  “Although individual employees have engaged in misconduct or inappropriate behavior, we did not find evidence that misconduct is widespread in USSS”.

Holy shit people.  As a tax-payer, I am offended that this is how my money is being spent.  You are the SECRET SERVICE! Do you really need to conduct a study to find out what people are doing?! Use your SECRET SERVICE skills and find out.  And I am still not clear on how secret service men sleeping with hookers is a matter of national security.  Are these guys telling the hookers their secrets?!

Want to read more about the joke of a study? Here you go.