Hey Queen, Pardon more gays!

As you know, computer science legend Alan Turing was just pardoned by the queen for his crime of being gay (official crime was “gross indecency”) in the 1950’s. Well…it turns out that there were around 50,000+ men that were prosecuted for being gay. British LGBT activist (and great person) Peter Tatchell is pushing the British government to pardon the rest of the men who were also convicted of the 19th-century law criminalizing being gay. The crazy thing is that there are 15,000 men who are still alive that were charged with that crime.

The government had previously and wrongly may I add, refused to pardon these men. But now the Queen has pardoned Turing so this has provided an additional (and much needed spotlight) on the topic.

Apparently, the first step for the pardon is a formal application of some sort. This is COMPLETE bull s*it. What kind of world do we live in where someone would have to apply for a pardon..for being gay?!!’ How is that even happening!?!

Hopefully people will do what is right and pardon all who experienced discrimination due to the dated and wrong anti-gay laws of the past.