Take Action

This is for everyone.  Straight, gay, young, and old.  Taking some easy and small steps will go such a far way.  Please do your part and help move us forward.  Here are some ideas.

  • If you hear someone say something anti-gay, correct him or her.  Right there.  Correct them in front of as many people as possible or in private if you are more comfortable with that.  Obviously, I’d prefer you smacked them in the face in front of everyone but that’s another story…This includes gay jokes.
  • If you know someone who may be having a difficult time coming out, go the extra mile and be there for that person.  Over extend yourself.  It’s ok.  You’ll get good karma, I promise.

Here is where we can make some bigger steps:

  • Support businesses that support gay rights.  This is a very simple concept.  Don’t give a company your hard earned money if they are promotion anti-gay propaganda.  Think of it like this…if you were a certain religion, would you support a business that you know is anti your religion? Or if you were a certain race, would you support a business that you know is anti your race?? SAME THING. 
  • Here is a great resource you can use.  HRC 2014 Corporate Equality Index  The HRC Corporate Equality Index is a fabulous resource.  This year, they added a lot of additional information.  If you are looking for the companies to support, start at page 47.  You want to support businesses with a high score.  Avoid companies with low scores. They do not support civil rights for the GLBT community.  Idiots.  They are missing out.  The GLBT community is one of the most attractive consumer groups out there with high disposable income and strong brand loyalty.  Who wouldn’t want to support us?!
  • Did you know that companies that support the LGBT community provide better returns for investors that companies who are not LGBT friendly? Call it good karma, call it common sense.  Clearly, the companies that support the LGBT community have smarter people working in them! Credit Suisse recently launched the LGBT Equality Index(TM).  The FIRST index to track the equity performance of companies with LGBT friendly policies.  They used the HRC Corporate Equality Index to identify the companies which include: Wells Fargo (WFCFortune 500),JP Morgan Chase (JPMFortune 500), Apple (AAPLFortune 500), Microsoft(MSFTFortune 500), Google (GOOGFortune 500) and Johnson & Johnson(JNJFortune 500).
  • Supporting smaller/local businesses is also a great way to show your support for the community.  Perhaps you live in Manhattan where there is no shortage of gay friendly establishments.  It should be really easy for you guys! Maybe you in a city or town where it would take a lot more effort.  It should be noted that a gay business is not a gay bar.  It could simply be a restaurant to have brunch. I am going to look into
  • Religious Organizations.  Ok…sensitive topic right? All religious organizations should have the right to freedom of speech and to practice their beliefs.  That is their right…at least in the USA.  That is a great right to have.  Now here is where it gets hairy for some people.  You may belong to a Church or organization that is openly anti-gay.  What can you do? Well that is really a personal choice.  While I support freedom of speech, I do not support bigoted propaganda.  You can let your religious organization know that you do not agree with their stance.  That is a small step.  Or you can find a different organization that is gay friendly.  I hate to use the word “liberal” because I don’t think you are liberal if you are pro-gay.  You are not a bigot…I don’t think people should be rewarded for not being bigots.  I do think people should know they are wrong if they are bigots.  I’ll leave it at that for this specific topic.  People get REALLY sensitive when you discuss religion…right?! Some of the same people may be highly outspoken about their anti-gay views.

Feeling inspired? I sure hope so boo.  Please spread the word and check out all our pages.

Want to know what inspired me to speak up? Check out my personal inspiration here and my coming out story here.

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